David Chalmers Alesworth

"Chinese Periodic Balouch, 1926" web2 2013


“Gwadar” the Chinese Periodic Balouch, 1926”

The work takes the current Chinese (con)-quest of Baluchistan for raw materials as its premise. A typical antique Balouch kilim is intervened upon with multi-coloured sheep’s-wool embroidery based upon an early, handwritten rendition of the Periodic Table, in Chinese. This table is probably from the mid-1920’s and a number of the more exotic contemporary elements are missing from it. The colour groupings and title are taken from a contemporary Chinese Periodic Table of the Elements.

A carpet work of 2.90m x 2.09m (114” x 82”) Textile intervention.


Chinese Periodic Table C1926 hand written, web

Based upon a hand written rendition of the Chinese Periodic Table  C.1926