David Chalmers Alesworth

Work the in progress for NCA Show, Jan. 2009.


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Reference Boxes, for “Fermi’s Pile”


Sample cubes, distortion and weld issues under consideration. I’m settling on 22 gauge MS sheet and argon shielded welds. These are cleaner welds for later electroplating.




“Column of Stewardship”sample, trying plant motifs for scale. The idea is four of these guard “Fermi’s Pile” like the guardian figures around Tutankhamen’s outer sarcophagi, in the Cairo Museum.

More stacking, exploring stability.


MS stamped floral motifs, I’m considering them for the “Column’s of Stewardship”, they’re a bit “Truck Art”, crude, heavy and undifferentiated.
I’m still gathering the range of samples for these.


The first zinc plated cube on top. The black areas are around weld holes, which is a problem. The lower cube has been Ducco sprayed, it’s not the look I want. I’m looking for a kind of failed minimalism, referencing Karl Andre and others in the 1970’s.


A prototype MS, Zinc plated frame. This one’s got a hot-dip surface. This has a thicker Zinc deposit which is good, for oxidizing, but also heavily crystalline, which isn’t what I’m looking for. The second frame sample is currently in progress.


A zinc plated surface prior to oxidation, I’m still deciding how and when I’m going to fix the Zinc. I may go with an iridescent metallic finish